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About us.

Where it started.

Many parents saw with sorrow that their children couldn't find safe and affordable accommodation when they went to university. Their financial situation was good enough to buy an apartment for their child, but it remained unclear to them how to organise the purchase. The traditional brokerage wasn't up to handling their specific requirements. Into this gap in the market stepped the young Jochem Kuijs, a descendant of a real-estate family. He collected specialist knowledge about the subject. Quickly it became clear that there was a great need for his guidance among parents with children in university. Since then, Huis voor je Kind has helped dozens of parents find good and safe accommodation for their children. For most buyers, property management is also handled directly by Huis voor je Kind. This makes the whole process totally stress-free.

What else we do now.

Satisfied customers kept coming back, so Huis voor je Kind was soon asked for guidance with purchasing property as an investment. Later on, even for purchasing their own house. Besides this, providing a stress-free experience also means a range of advisory work and the possibility of applying for permits for customers. Think, for instance, of the complicated student housing permits.
To do justice to the various disciplines involved, a separate branch was started for each activity: Huis voor je rendement, Huis voor jezelf. All these branches fall under the HVJ groep.