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Selling and extra services.

Selling your house.

When you have helped so many clients and their relatives to purchase properties, it's logical that they begin to ask about sales too. Clients come to the HVJ Group for this because traditional brokerage cannot provide the necessary service. Potential buyers have to abide by the wishes of the estate agents, meaning that large groups of interested people view the property simultaneously, at a time not of their choosing, and are often unable to clear up any misunderstandings in conversation with the estate agent.
Of course, the HVJ Group also works with open houses. After all, it is good to advertise that there is a lot of interest in a house. Moreover, we do our best to offer alternatives to those who are unavailable at the designated viewing time. In addition, our sales documentation is not only commercially very responsible but also comprehensive, so that no unforeseen contingencies come up later on. Each viewing is guided by the same individual who originally surveyed the house, meaning that with the HVJ Group, buyers will rarely have to deal with the frequently heard 'oh, I'll just have to check'.
With us, selling your house means more than just a listing on Funda, Pararius, and other housing sites and a perfunctory open house. Through a combination of sincere enthusiasm, business and housing expertise, professional photos, and floor plans, you can rest assured that we will make sure your precious property is used to its full potential.

Property management.

Once tenants are installed in the flat, it's not yet time for the owner to sit back and relax. Active property management takes a lot of energy and involves practical concerns big and small. To take these headaches out of your hands, you can make use of our property management service for a modest monthly fee. Tenants can then contact us directly about any questions or defects. We also serve as a point of contact for the owner when it comes to practical concerns. We make sure that no one is needlessly left out in the cold!


Municipalities can make their own rules concerning habitation. In Amsterdam, for instance, a permit is required when renting out to more than two people. Owners with no valid permit can end up with a fine of up to €20,500.-.

It is therefore important to acquire these permits. For this purpose, various reports must be prepared which meet the strict requirements of the municipality. HVJ Groep has already successfully applied for dozens of permits –including a lot of house sharing permits– for its clients. Even if you bought the house without our assistance, we can still help you with this.